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The explosion of the Internet and the shift from boxed solutions to Cloud Computing and virtualization has dramatically changed the product landscape for many service providers. Though residual needs still exist for many of the classic TDM and wired solutions, particularly in the enterprise space, today’s ISP is looking to partner with companies who can provide the quality bandwidth solutions they need affordably.

They need direct access to various Tier I and Tier II providers in various DC’s across the US and the Globe but they often do not want the hassle of negotiating with multiple account teams providing rack rates on partial solutions. They are tired of juggling traffic to meet commitments and then spending hours poring over bills to determine if they were billed correctly. And they certainly don’t want to lock themselves into long term commitments that limit their ability to grow and scale.

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Our slogan, “a better way to buy wholesale”, obviously speaks volumes to our ability to secure highly desirable contracts with premier network providers, in turn providing our customers with quality products in a cost efficient manner. Our valued clients receive the clear benefits of designing a multi-vendor solution through one account team, enjoying a coordinated turn up between all sites from one project team, and having the entire solution rendered to them monthly on one simplified, easy to understand bill.

Less obvious in the slogan but perhaps more valuable to the client is iBandwidth’s ability to bundle offers, commitments, and rates across providers. This ability makes the resulting solution uniquely customized to the needs of every client, ideally suited to their network requirements as well as their term and budgetary commitments. And iBandwidth offers rate and technology insurance, meaning that a commitment with iBandwidth future proofs you from individual carrier rate hikes as traffic can be moved between providers under the iBandwidth contract to secure your rates over time.

What We Do

Our flagship products, IP Transit and Point to Point Ethernet, are available throughout over 1,000 Data Centers and POPS worldwide. IP Transit can be purchased in bandwidth sizes from as little as 100 Mbps all the way up to 100 Gig in select locations. We provide point to point Ethernet connectivity – both Metro and Long Haul – almost anywhere in the world, and we also have the ability to bundle a wide array of managed hosting and cloud computing solutions with our flagship products that will give you the turn key solutions you need that are not otherwise achievable in a single vendor environment.

The even better news is this: with the rapidly growing list of many small, medium and large sized ISP’s we have helped across the world, in places like the USA, Canada, UK, South America, China, Ukraine, and Switzerland to name just a few, our ability to negotiate even more advantageous rates improves monthly.