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At iBandwidth, wholesale buying is at the cornerstone of the value we offer, but it extends far beyond the typical concept of wholesale. When customers think of wholesale they generally envision a buying scenario wherein service providers obtain service from carriers in bulk at pure COGS (cost of goods sold), minus the cost of marketing and sales, and pass the products along to end user clients at off market rates.

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iBandwidth offers a variety of products and services geared to address the rapidly expanding and changing needs of today’s network manager.


IP Transit

IP Transit service from iBandwidth is the same high quality service provided by all the major Tier I and Tier II carriers but with three significant advantages – flexibility, scalability and price stability.


iBandwidth has negotiated advantageous agreements with some of the largest and most well-respected data center management centers across the United States and in numerous countries around the world.

Point to Point Ethernet

High traffic corridors between locations carrying critical enterprise data often require the security and consistency only a dedicated point to point connection can provide.

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Ahim Nadarajah

Manager, Net. Eng., Primus Telecommunications

While looking to expand our footprint into the US market using connectivity to multiple Tier 1 Carriers, we sought the advice of a number of consultants. They were all very good, but they all appeared to be spokespeople for one carrier or the other. We are thrilled with the iBandwidth vendor neutral selection process that allowed us to select the optimum vendor. iBandwidth got it right!

John McGuire

CEO, Wiline Network, Inc.

Wiline is responsible for the services of many large and reputable enterprises that rely on us to provide them with the utmost quality of service, for that reason we scrutinized our vendors on their ability to deliver.  iBandwidth has been offering us great solutions for years and we are very pleased with their services.