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At iBandwidth, wholesale buying is at the cornerstone of the value we offer, but it extends far beyond the typical concept of wholesale.  When customers think of wholesale they generally envision a buying scenario wherein service providers obtain service from carriers in bulk at pure COGS (cost of goods sold),  minus the cost of marketing and sales, and pass the products along to end user clients at off market rates.

So if the advantage to wholesale buying is better quality at lower rates, the disadvantage with wholesale buying is the sacrifice made in the quality of recommendations and reduced aftermarket services.  Wholesalers often make recommendations based on commitments they need to fill with their prime providers, and not necessarily based on the right product or provider for you.

The benefits associated with wholesale buying the iBandwidth way are much greater.  Because of the large number of Carrier relationships we have, and the contracts we have negotiated, our commitment levels are easily met without having to compromise customer need for upstream contract fulfillment.  By contracting commitments and terms with iBandwidth, and not direct with carriers, customers enjoy the flexibility of moving traffic between multiple vendors without having to wait for current contracts to expire, and then renegotiate with new carriers.  The benefit of not having to bear the transitional costs of moving off one carrier and onto another in terms of time, effort, and cost are significant. An iBandwidth customer is protected from carrier price hikes,  guaranteed access to technology improvements,  and assured of the added benefits of dedicated account support, simplified single billing, and access to carriers and data centers worldwide.

iBandwidth. Truly a better way to buy wholesale.

… Very competitive rates starting as low as $0.30/mb Hibernia    Sold: Cogent $0.45/mb    Sold: PCCW at 200 Paul st San Francisco 1000mb $0.70/mb    Sold: TeliaSonera 5000mb $0.60/mb    Sold: TATA Communications 1000mb $1.50/mb    Sold: Zayo GigE Internet $0.95/mb    SOLD: GTT 1000mb $0.50/mb    Verizon and more.     Call us Today for a same-day quote in hundreds of POPs.     Sold: CenturyLink GigE $1.75/mb    HOT DEALS: COGENT GigE IP PCCW GigE Miami NAP $1.99/mb very flexible terms    For all Enterprise Specials chat with us

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