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Media & Entertainment

The media and entertainment industry has changed dramatically in recent years in terms of how content is created, distributed and consumed. From the film industry to gamers, massive files are the norm and low-latency connections are imperative in these tech-savvy, ever-evolving industries.

For media professionals in the field, a high-powered network with ample bandwidth is a necessity in order to send massive files from a set location back to the studio. Meanwhile, a low-latency connection is critical for serious gamers.

Simply put, a fiber connection is the premier choice to deliver the prerequisite bandwidth and speed that keeps these industries humming. ibandwidth’s Business Fiber Network eliminates many of the latency issues users experience with a copper cable infrastructure and can scale to accommodate the changing needs of growing industries.

ibandwidth Delivers:

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Comprehensive Data Center Connectivity
  • Redundancy and Replication
  • Low Latency

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