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Taxpayers expect reliable government services while staff and agencies require reliable network connections to meet the needs of their citizens — from real-time access to county-wide systems to seamless communication of public health concerns and safety programs.

Connecting government agencies with public safety, health, transportation and other local entities quickly and reliably lays the foundation for delivering a cost-effective, secure and scalable fiber solution that will enhance service delivery dramatically and improve quality of life for your community.

ibandwidth’s high-speed, low-latency Business Fiber Network delivers the backbone upon which your agencies’ infrastructure should be built. Redundancy protects your service and ensures it remains operational while ibandwidth’s no-charge bandwidth bursting delivers both flexibility and capacity when you — and your constituents — need it most.

ibandwidth Delivers:

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Comprehensive Data Center Connectivity
  • Redundancy and Replication
  • Low Latency

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